Travis Scott’s bizarre McDonalds collaboration

The Wall Street Journal confirmed in a report Thursday (October 8) that the world-famous fast food chain Mcdonalds, fondly known as ‘Maccas,’ saw sales rise 4.6 percent in the third quarter of 2020 in the US. This rise is being attributed to the really bizarre partnership Travis Scott had with them from September 8 through to October 4.

The demand for the $6 Travis Scott Meal was high it often resulted in shortages of ingredients all around the US. The partnership also included a 48-piece merchandise collection, which featured graphic tees, boxers, action figures, body pillows in the shape of McNuggets and more.

Travis Scott was the first entertainer to be featured on the McDonald’s menu since Michael Jordan in 1992 with the McJordan meal.  The McJordan meal has smoky-bbq-type flavoring, comparable(sort of) to MJ’s current 4 bbq restaurants in the US.

It’s obvious what is gained here by both parties isn’t it?

McDonaldsUtilizing hip-hops ability to target the younger generation and make the brand ‘cool’ and ‘relevant.’

Travis ScottA rapper partnering with a fast-food chain, particularity the biggest one world-wide is unheard-of. This allows Travis to slip his aesthetics into the global mainstream through ads and products in something that doesn’t exist in music anymore: physical distribution locations.

WIN-WIN! or should I say ‘Winner-winner, chicken dinner?’ From an ethical, long-term legacy stand point, probably a loss for both parties. A collaboration of desperation?

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