Underrated Papoose releases new album ‘Endangered Species’

The album kicks of with ‘Billionare,’ the track displays Papoose’s lyrical ability straight off the bat, over the top of some pretty organs and keyboards. The track talks about the rapper making as much money as he can before his career ends, fair play as the underrated NYC rapper is 42 years old.

‘Boxcutter’ is the next track, which has a jagged cut piano beat. The album gets off to a good start and then keeps delivering with variation and skill apparent.

‘Kickback’ is abit of a stand out track featuring hitmaker French Montana & Conway the Machine. Papoose has some hard lines in the track.

“Heard Tyra got a few banks… I’m bout to rob one” – Papoose

The ‘Human Body(The Brain)’ & ‘Covid-19’ are both interesting tracks. Both are brilliant actually, Papoose raps with speed and knowledge.

‘Numerical Slaughter 2’ with it’s horror movie sounding beat goes nicely and finishes off even nicer with some funky bass jazz beat.

Papoose has always had my respect having heard his ability to spit raps freestyle. This album is well thought out, entertaining, interesting. It’s just nice to hear someone just rap his ass off, that’s what Papoose does on ‘Endangered Species.’ He goes hard.

Clearly the album title refers to the fact that there are not many rappers out there like him anymore, he makes a valid point.

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