Which Rapper is the best boxer?

Rappers are well known for flouting about their fighting prowess. When you are willing to promote a gangster-type image then you should have some hands right? Well who is the best boxer/fighter in the rap game? Let’s hit, kick, it off… no pun intended…

This article is more to make fun of rappers that can’t fight then to actually celebrate those who can. Let’s just, settle down a bit…

10. Meek Mill

Atalanta’s Meek Mill embarrassing himself with his little baby punches, awww how cute.

In this clip Meek Mill manages to show that he has probably never won a fist fight in his life. If I was Meek, I’d probably stick to guns cos you got baby punches sir.

9. DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled gets out the goves on stage?

DJ Khaled boxes onstage. It is embarrassing no doubt.

8. Rick Ross

Rozay’s legs aren’t built for sports

Rozay has a good hook here, but he certainly does drop his hands. Did his police training mean nothing?

7. Gucci Mane

SCOOWAP, to your face

Fat Gucci Mane looks like he has some decent power, not alot of style though. Keeps his hands down and certainly doesn’t have much experience in the gloves. You won’t see any golden gloves being won by ‘Gucci Balboa.’

6. Desiigner

Designer showing off his lanky uppercut vs YK Osiris.

In this clip designer shows a nice uppercut that quickly ended the ’bout.’ He showed pretty poor footwork but used his height well. Fighting a much small man here in YK Osiris, bit unfair if you ask me.

5. Snoop Doggy Dog

Snoop dogg in the house tonight, with the average boxing

Snoop dogg has some decent hands, zero movement however. That height is helpful though.

4. Blueface

Blueface being a dick, as he does

Blueface being his usual childish self and trying to take off YK Osiris, probably the shittest fighter in the worlds, head off.

3. Eminem

Rare clip here of Marshall joking around

Marshall grew up in the tough black hood of Detriot. He used these heavy hands to protect himself. Only joking, Eminem is fooling around in this clip but I have seen him also in another clip showing some decent movement and fitness.

2. The Game

The Game, Ain’t playin no.. games…

The Game throws with speed and has a crazy temper. Not very technical or stylish, but he gets the job done. Certainly not afraid of a scrap.

  1. 50 Cent
Finally, someone who has some TECHNIQUE

Our number one boxer is 50. Nobody is safe around this fella. 50 will punch on with fans, take other rappers chains (Gunplay), throw stevo down a flight of stairs. Pretty much nothing and nobody is out of the question for this New York superstar.

50 cent almost kills Stevo, but who hasn’t?

Honorable mention to Wiz Khalifa… Looks like a pretty good kickboxer. I did say ‘boxer’ so that’s why I didn’t include Wiz. Looking ripped. Not bad for someone who literally smokes an ounce of weed everyday.

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