R Kelly gets bashed in prison

R Kelly has been attacked by another inmate who jumped Kelly in his cell.

Kelly’s charges range from sexual assault to leading a racketeering scheme aimed at supplying Kelly with girls. Kelly also is accused of having unprotected sex with a minor in 2015 without disclosing he had herpes. 

That’s ah… disgusting.

TMZ reported that the incident took place at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago on Wednesday, the 26th where Kelly is currently being held. The RMB Icon was sitting on his bed when a frustrated inmate reportedly entered the cell and started swinging on Kelly.

The upset inmate beat on Kelly after the facility was placed on lockdown due to Kelly protesters outside the prison. The fight was short, and it’s unknown if the attack was broken up by another inmate or guards. A doctor examined Kelly and concluded he had no enduring any serious injuries. Kelly has been placed in solitary confinement for his own protection.

Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg confirmed that the incident took place on Wednesday, according to ABC 7 Chicago. He said he wants the singer to be released on bail because the prison system can’t guarantee his safety. Kelly previously petitioned to be released from prison due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but a judge denied the request. He added: ‘I’m still very concerned because sure this time the guards were able to quickly stop something from happening but what happens if someone goes in his cell with a shank or something like that? Or the guards are busy doing something else? We were fortunate this time but who’s to say next time?’   

In July last year Nicole Blank Becker, attorney for the R&B singer at the time claimed that Kelly told her during a visit that he is better off in solitary, as he believes his life would be in danger if general population. 

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