Big Sean releases ‘Detroit 2’ album

‘Why would I stop?’ gets a album of to a hot, head bopping start. ‘Lucky Me’ shows off Big Sean’s ability and maturity in rap. The album displays Big Seans drawling style and motivational, ‘There is no-excuse’ & ‘I’m a hard worker’ lyrics. Big Sean has an original drawn style, you have to respect that. And somethings, that style hits the spot with certain hard beats. He can at times feel a bit whiny. The motivational,I did it myself, lyric focus can be tiring also.

Dave Chappelle, comedy legend, has a not very interesting interlude where he tells a story about being in Detriot.

A lot of hype has surrounded the ‘Friday Night Cypher’ track. This is predominately due to Eminem’s verse. When I saw a track with so many guests it reminded me so ASAP Rocky’s ‘F**kin Problems.’ I must say a track almost ten minutes long with so many features was exciting. The beat starts off with a basic oldschool late 80s beat but adjusts throughout the song as a couple rappers share each classic sounding beat. Eminem’s verse is in the same vain as Rap God, the impossible to follow, sick style that leaves you feeling slightly disconcerted.

Off one listen, I don’t think this is an album I will be revisiting. Out the same time as NAS- King’s Disease, not sure if that was a good idea as critics and fans alike claim the album is fire. Maybe this album will grow on me like Nas’s did, but I don’t think so. Not a fun listen, Big Sean’s tone gets boring to me over time.

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