ONEFOUR release debut EP ‘Against All Odds’

The Australian drill/hip hop group ONEFOUR from Mount Druitt, Sydney are the first rappers from down under to really break into the American market. Many have tried and some have come close, but it seems ONEFOUR were able to do so ‘Against All Odds.’

They made their first appearance with punchy single “In the Beginning” which achieved one million views in 48 hours on YouTube. Their backstory filled with real life violence & jail time gives their music substance, believable aggression and heart. It validates their ‘gangster’ drill rap.

In December 2019 YP, Lekks and Celly14 were jailed over several charges including reckless grievous bodily harm after a violent interaction at the ‘Carousel Inn’ at Rooty Hill in July 2018. YP was sentenced to four years in prison, Lekks for four and half years, whilst Celly14 was sentenced to ten years jail with a non parole period of six. The ONEFOUR members have been linked to rival street gangs in Western Sydney according to NSW police.

Disturbing CCTV footage shows ONEFOUR storming into the pub and bashing three men. One man in particular was punched and kicked in the head. If that wasn’t enough members used a hammer and a chair leg to continue the attack as the victim lies in a pool of his own blood. In hindsight it was pretty cowardly if you watch the footage, the guys they were bashing were much older and not exactly in great shape.

Anyway, let’s focus on what we came here for, the exciting new release of their debut EP ‘Against All Odds.’ Since releasing groundbreaking singles such as Spot The Difference, Home and Away, Ladz In The Hood and their recent team up with A$AP Ferg of late, many were looking forward to an actual proper album release. Well I tell you what, the ‘lads’ have not let you down…

The album starts with Celly making a collect call from jail who gives you a heart felt minute that gets the album off to a personal, honest start. The other two jailed members Lekks & YP also have interludes. Had me focused on the lyrics like I was studying for my year 12 exams, whites of my eyes exposed. ‘Home and Away’ follows, a great track as we know, giving us that gangster drill feel that we expect from ONEFOUR. However, the album takes an emotional, relfecting turn with ‘Let’s Ride’ which believe it or not samples Blue’s classic pop song ‘All Rise.’ It’s quite brilliant. The album finishes off reverting back to their brutal gangsterism and sharp beats with ‘Better’ which is a standout track for me. Finishing is ‘My City’ with The Kid Laroi, another hot Aussie currently. And he delivers big for them.

This album delivers on multiple fronts. I found myself listening again and again to digest every lyric. Every verse by each member delivers and in total the album captures their story perfectly. It is short however it seems perfectly edited. It’s not JUST their typical hard, sharp, drill tough beats and lyrical threats(Which I do love). The album has songs have drake-like beats and some almost have a RnB quality. ONEFOUR have pleasantly surprised me with the variation. Fantastic album!

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