Kanye West FINALLY a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience

It’s been a long time coming, a lot of discussion and quite frankly I thought it would never happen. The music, fashion mogul Kanye West finally made his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience on the 25th of October.

The interview is predominately Kanye sporadically moving from one topic to the next with Joe providing clarity at the end of each of his rants.

The conversation topics were as such:

0:11 Welcomes Kanye

0:22 Why Kanye is running for president

2:28 Oprah, Trump & Regan

3:58 Kanyes calling

6:25 Why Kanye believes he can lead

11:54 The music/entertainment industry

13:59 Bruce & Brandon Lee

14:50 Kanyes hospital visit & freedom

16:28 Parallels between government & music industry

17:18 Money & classism

31:30 Tesla, Edison & physics

38:08 Kanyes calling to God

44:51 Black history month

49:21 The way Kanye thinks

57:46 Silicon Valley & Steve Jobs

59:06 Being medicated & planned parenthood

1:14:50 Star Wars

1:16:16 Westworld & being programmed

1:22:26 Kanyes shoe design

1:28:49 Over designing & the internet

1:34:40 Kanyes daily schedule

1:39:19 Kanyes dictionary game & help

1:45:31 Star Wars & Kanyes music

1:51:26 Kanye is the MJ of products

1:58:31 His net worth & taxes & The GAP

2:05:20 Budget & foreign policy

2:10:25 Meeting leaders

2:19:01 The American Dream & the election

2:31:04 Bio-engineering & medication

2:38:10 Racism & protectionism

2:42:45 Kanye is off the grid & programming

2:50:42 Empathy & international healing

Joe is patient, non-judgemental, curious, appreciative, and at times almost tender with Kanye. Where most people see incoherent ramblings that need to be reined in, Joe looks deeper. He waits and ponders and empathizes, and his efforts pay off. After almost 3 hours he finds the “spark” in Kanye.

Near the end of the interview Kanye says,

“Thank you for allowing me to give you the thoughts that are coming into my head as opposed to trying to put me on a grid, because I’m off the grid period. The way I think… I paint in circles.”

You can hear and see how deeply Kanye appreciates Joe’s authentic interest in him as a person. Joe undoubtedly disagrees with Kanye on many fundamental issues. I know from listening to Joe’s other podcast episodes that he has serious misgivings regarding Christianity, but he graciously puts all those aside in his effort to accurately understand Kanye. A compelling interview to say the least. One to add to my article about the top JRE episodes featuring rappers.

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