Eminem releases video for single ‘GNAT’

Marshall Mathers, today (December 18), has released the deluxe edition of his latest record, ‘Music To Be Murdered By’, inclusive is a full ‘B Side’ of new material. The 16-track record includes Dr. Dre, Ty Dolla $ign and DJ Premier

Slim has dropped a video for the single GNAT. The video is directed by Cole Bennett, who was helmed for his work with Eminem with the ‘Godzilla’ video.

The chorus is pretty cool…

“They say these bars are like COVID (Bars are like COVID)
You get ’em right off the bat (You get ’em right off the bat)
Infected with SARS and Corona (Infected with SARS and Corona)
Like you took a bite off of that (Damn)
And it goes from martian to human (Yeah)
That’s how the virus attacks (That’s how the virus attacks)
They come at me with machine guns (Brr)
Like trying to fight off a gnat (Yeah, yeah)”

The song covers COVID-19, politics and even his mother. Kind of like a culmination of his more recent style over the later half of his career and quite similar to Godzilla.

I do like how the song finishes up as the horns kick in and eminem paints a violent picture like the first half of his career’s work.

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