Action Bronson releases new single ‘Mongolia’

The Undeniably unique Action Bronson has been on fire recently with his recent releases ‘Latin Grammys,’ ‘Golden Eye’ and now ‘Mongolia.’ Mongolia was released today(17/9) and has sampled Baris Manco – ‘Lambaya Puf De,’ a 70s Turkish Psychedelic rock track. Baris Manco was pioneer of rock music in Turkey and one of the founders of the Anatolian rock genre.

Manço composed around 200 songs and is among the best-selling and most awarded Turkish artists. Somewhat controversial considering the conservative Turkish public in the 70s/80s, his lyrics held diverse themes, making him heavily marginalized in the popular music scene which was mostly dominated by mundane, predictable love-themed lyrics. This isn’t the first time Bronson has sampled Turkish Pysch music, Easy Rider is another example.

Bronsilini, Action bronson’s love for Turkish music came from his dad an Albanian immigrant (Side note – His mother was Jewish).

“I got a lot of influence from my father, honestly. He’d take me in his car. I’d hear Carlos Santana. I’d hear Queen. I’d hear all these Turkish people, like, bands that he grew up listening to. He was in a band as well.”

The new album, ‘Only for Dolphins’ is released September 25 via Loma Vista. A press release stated that the new LP draws from a number of genres not only Turkish psych but also reggae, French film music, lovers rock, and Russian funk.  It includes production from Bronson, the Alchemist, Budgie, Samiyam, Daringer, and more. Meyhem Lauren and Hologram will also features as guest MCs.

Bronson said “I wanted to make sure that I hit everything on this project. We’re giving you the auditory. We’re giving you the visual. The olfactory. Your taste buds. There isn’t a physical sensation that Only for Dolphins doesn’t cover.”

In addition to the album, Bronson will be releasing a signature scent called “Splash,” as well as dolphin stuffed animals, his own ice cream flavor (a burnt guava marshmallow tres leches), and a corresponding ice cream cake, both in partnership with Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream. “I get inspiration from all around the world and I make what I want.”

Constantly stoned, the burgeoning media mogul Action Bronson never stops working. “Action has emerged as an absolute force in hip-hop, a man whose presence extends far beyond the mic.” said DJ Booth.

The Weird Minded Action strikes again

Joey Diaz on his podcast ‘The Church of What’s Happening Now’ said it best when he explained Action as having a ‘weird mind.’ Action may have been the only guest to have ever out-smoked the seasoned vet Diaz on his podcast.

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