Hopsin releases Alone With Me single

Hopsin’s latest single “Alone with me” is a honest self reflection of his career and life. This kind of honesty, rather than constant boasting and flaunting of material possessions by other rappers, is rather unique to Hopsin. It comes as a pleasant change. Hopsin has always been different like that. A self described corny black Eminem that’s fan base is predominately white kids, he still has a place in the genre, unique style and continues plays his part.

The beat of the track sounds like some crazy grandfather clockwork or lullaby, which was produced by Hopsin himself. The track has excellent CGI showing Hopsin himself popping in and out dressed as different characters to chastise his character and career.

Some notable lyrics include:

“I’m just here to make sure you keep up all your crazy tendencies, look at yourself in disbelief, struggle with your identity, stuck in depression until your diagnosed with it clinically.”

“How’s your love life? It’s still a trifling mess? Ni*ga you thirty-five, you haven’t found a wifey yet?”

“What happened to you, you was spittin so cold, you was the Ill Mind of Hipson on the list with goats, then you fell off, you should of took a different approach, I hate to say it but you’ll never be like Kendrick or Cole.”

Certainly contains some notable lyrical prowess. Not an overly fun track, not one I would listen to to cheer me up, with multiple references to suicide and depression. For those passionate Hopsin fans, a welcome piece in that saga that is Hopsin’s personal life. A brutally frank, dark critique of one’s self.

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