Joey Bada$$ releases single ‘Let it Breathe’

“Being humble was the worst mistake I ever made, not knowing my worth was the biggest price I ever paid.” Joe Bada$$ have never been short of providing us with thoughtful, reminiscent lyrics. Although his career feels disjointed.

Trying to be ‘everything to everyone’ has not worked for Brooklyn’s Joey who blew up with the incredible second album SUMMER KNIGHTS. SUMMER KNIGHTS was a soulful boom bap type of number and it seems that his new single “Let it Breathe” is back to celebrating that style.

The song, like the boom bap beat, is stripped back to display Joey’s lyrical prowess. Even the video has kept it simple. It’s just Joey buying a green Porsche and driving it around the hood providing the listener with life advice and dropping some real knowledge, while contrastingly boasting about how his life has changed. The horned intro is terrific.

A return to form for Joey on this one. I can’t remember the last Joey song I heard that I wanted to play again & again. It’s been awhile.

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