Single “MAZZA” by A$AP Rocky and Slowthai is a trip, as you would expect

Today Showthai unleashed “MAZZA,” featuring A$AP Rocky. This is the third release from his upcoming second album “TYRON.” I am certainly a fan of both of these men who standout amongst the crowd having both displaying creativity that cuts through modern pop. When I saw this single released my eyes prickled and couldn’t wait to hear what the combination would bring. And I wasn’t let down.

The song has a simple vibrating beat and a hypnotic synth that works perfectly with the combinations acid rap. The visuals cleverly support the track without overdoing it. The lyrics when re-listened to, have a surprisingly deep self reflections. Espeically slowthai –

Suicidal tendencies, what’s up, man? (Bang, bang)
Feel like I’m down, I say “What’s up?”


Feeling like these drugs made me better than I was
But I never felt love before the drugs

Meanwhile Rocky does a great job of adding his trademark flair to the song with rhymes that gracefully roll off the tongue, the ultimate :

Watch all the hoes pay attention when I walk in (Yeah)
Stroll in like an old man (Damn), like I popped like four Xans (Yeah)


Riding ’round in the drop rolls, watching rats in the pot roast
Finger polish with the topcoat, the bottom platinum but the top gold

A$AP Rocky’s lyrical structure with his overemphasized final word, the epidemy of ‘cool’ & creative in rap.

Slowthai’s next album Tyron is certainly going to be something. Really enjoyed this track, very unique and refreshing.

The song is in the same vein as Eminem’s recent “Gnat” single. Suited to the times… with COVID-19 and all that, madness, isolation and self-reflection we all experienced in 2020. The minimalism works perfectly. Exciting stuff.

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