2Chainz ‘So Help Me God!’ is good fun

Every time 2chainz releases a new album I compare them to the successes of ‘Based on a TRU story’ and the Platinum ‘Pretty Girls like Trap Music,’ his stand out albums. His latest album, ‘Rap Or Go To The League,’ really missed the mark. ‘So Help me God!’ is a return to form, that southern drawl and clever green-ad lib punchlines with perfectly picked classic beats. It seems to flow out of his body, charisma naturally personified.

When I first listened to this album I knew it had released singles such as ‘Money Maker’ and ‘Quarantine Thick’ and that was going to make it… at least decent. ‘Feel A Way(Feat. Kanye West and Brent Faiyaz)’ and ‘Toni’ are other standouts, quite unique and refreshing. ”Grey Area” is hilarious and an online fan favorite to be his next single, including the classic line:

“Old enough to be your daddy, Young enough to fuck your mumma, Young enough to fuck your sister, young enough to fuck your aunty, I ain’t messin with your granny, I just Jukked her out them zannies.”

Always nice to also have features from some hot artists like Kevin Gates and Ty Dolla $ign. Not to mention also having legends like Rick Ross and Little Wayne on the album.

This album is a welcome add to his discography and one I will be playing on rotation as summer hits here in Australia.

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