Polo G’s ‘THE GOAT’ review

The 21-year-old Chicago rapper Polo G raps with a slightly produced, sing-song style that usually I don’t care for. However, his lyrics are well-written, thoughtful and filled with murders, heartbreak and pain. The contrast of such gruesome words written in such a resplendent manner, just works.

The beats are soft & smooth and move to a pace that keeps you interested and make the lyrics the hero in this album. Polo shows perspective beyond his teenage years. From years of struggle and agony, the album serves as a confession tape. Reminiscing on adversity in the streets and lost friends, Polo’s honesty and ability to paint a picture shines brightly in this album. This emotional album will hit you right in the chest.

Favorite tracks on the album include ‘Don’t Believe The Hype,’ ‘Go Stupid,’ ‘I know,’ ‘Wishing for a hero.’

This album has a soul, he seems to rap with the spirit of his fallen street soldiers without glorifying street life but justifying it. The album really takes you from the gloomy dark concrete streets to sunlight and hope. The album is a stand out in 2020. Polo G certainly displays incredible potential.

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