A$AP FERG drops new album ‘Floor Seats 2’

A$AP Ferg has somewhat been riding the coattails of A$AP Rocky. We haven’t seen a record from the Harlem trap rapper since ‘Trap Lord’ seven years ago, so it has been awhile between drinks. He has however managed to do appearances and keep himself relevant during that time.

Now however it seems Ferg is coming into his own with his latest album released today, ‘Floor Seats 2.’ His recent appearance on Nas recent single ‘Spicy’ sounds like an off-the-top freestyle, but it just works on a beat that is perfectly built for Ferg. ‘New Level’ also displayed Ferg’s bouncy, Trinidadian toned linguistics which keep him distinguished from other rappers.

Some notable songs on the new album are ‘Marilyn Manson’ feat Marilyn Manson & ‘Hectic’ feat Diddy. Both songs have creepy, deep based trap beat and really stand out on this project. ‘Marilyn Manson’ has Manson himself making various noises throughout the chorus with a terrific guitar solo finish. Hectic has an electronic music type beat which is also interesting. ‘Move ya Hips’ feat Nicki Minaj and MadeinTYO is another decent track. Minaj’s cutesy to aggressive variance works well on the track. As an Australian myself, it was nice to see the track ‘Aussie Freaks’ featuring the Aussie sensation ONEFOUR. The track itself though is nothing special, admittingly.

Half the songs on the album have an eclectic, creative feel and the other tracks seem pretty boring. I wish that he had of kept that eclectic creativity with every single track on the album. That would of allowed this album to reach heights Ferg has not yet attained but remains capable of.

In the following interview with ‘Hip Hop Raised Me’ Ferg he explains the difference between Trap Lord and Floor Seats 2. He explains that when making the old album he was struggling to make ends meet where with ‘Floor Seats 2’ he has moved into more comfortable circumstances. ‘Floor Seats 2’ also shows his lyrical maturity and change of sound beats wise.

ASAP Ferg talks new album release
Just out, clip for ‘Dennis Rodman’

In conclusion, this album misses the mark for me. Not one that I will have on repeat. It does however show Ferg’s potential and relevance in hip hop with his own trap/drill/creep style.

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