Riff Raff releases ‘Swan in my pond’

Two days ago the bombastic & humorous Houston based rapper Riff Raff released ‘Swan in my Pond.’ This song kind of takes me back to the underrated summer banger album ‘Cranberry vampire,’ which was one of the most surprising albums to me, ever.

Similar to Action Bronson, Raff continues to reference 90s culture in his tracks.

  1. Huey, Duey and Louie
  2. Nick Van Exel
  3. Rambo

Not the mention his favorite items.

  1. Buicks
  2. Rolex
  3. Orange Soda
  4. Tesla, Lambos

Pretty impressive to have some many damn references in a verse lol.

Jae Mansa’s verse to finish off the track is great, changing up the track with a bit of hardness over that floating summer beat.

Besides releasing some good music, he has also been venturing into mobile pet grooming services… named ‘Jody Husky’ Pet grooming services.

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