Action Bronson releases ‘Golden Eye’

Former culinary chef turned cult rapper, Action bronson, Bronsilini, has released a fresh new track ‘Golden Eye.’ This is the second release after Latin Grammys from the upcoming album ‘Only for Dolphins.’

“The dolphin is one of the most intelligent creatures ever created on whatever planet we’re on, They have their own way of communicating. They have nuance and intangibles like we do” explained Bronson.

Bronsons charisma & unique nuances shines here as he adds “A dolphin, is an ideal example of one of life’s “five-tool” players. The only people who understand me are those five-tool players, those higher beings who are on the same telepathic wave as me,”

Action hints at ‘Only for Dolphins’ album release

The upcoming track list for the album is:

  • 01. “Capoeira” (f/ Yung Mehico)
  • 02. “C12H16N2”
  • 03. “Latin Grammys”
  • 04. “Golden Eye”
  • 05. “Mongolia” (f/ Hologram & Meyhem Lauren)
  • 06. “Vega”
  • 07. “Splash”
  • 08. “Sergio”
  • 09. “Shredder”
  • 10. “Cliff Hanger”
  • 11. “Marcus Aurelius”
  • 12. “Hard Target”

Notice very little collaborations in the track list.

Bronson explains “This song is about coming of age. I love a good latin-jazz, upbeat vibe. It’s got that funk, you know? You can do all kinds of dances to this song. You know a song is good when you can do all different types of dances to it, and you’re still on rhythm.”

So far I think the two releases to the new album have been FIRE. Refreshingly Bronson. Almost mocking the beat with his smooth, relaxed delivery. Bronson’s creative juices seem limitless.

Bronson’s been working out hard of late(Gym and Studio)

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