Nas releases ‘King’s Disease’ album, I CHANGED MY REVIEW!

The Godson, Rapping loyalty Nas has returned with a new album, ‘King’s Disease.’ The name of the album is ‘King’s Disease’ which is referring to the pitfalls and sacrifices of being a leader, the king.

A big NAS fan, I always get excited over a new album from the legend. After listening to the first track released prior to the album’s release, Ultra Black, I was concerned… Not impressed at all.

I initially did a review of this album that was rather disparaging. Since that moment I took the time to keep listening, sparking up a spliff to it, the ultimate test. This album grew on me like no album ever has.

Highlights for me include ‘Blue Benz’ which has that crime story beat kind of feel. Nas’ flow in this track is mature, cool and calculated.

‘All Bad’ and ‘Spicy’ are also pretty hot bangers… The songs where NAS is alone are the best, where he is left grappling with his own legacy, demonstrating his experience and wisdom, spitting his deep reflections. ’27 Summers’ is pretty cool, very short though lol.

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My favorite feature would have to be ASAP Ferg who fits nicely on the ‘Spicy’ beat and gives the song that Harlem trap modern rap swag. His voice is made for that beat I feel…

Clash music’s review explain the album perfectly: “Hit-Boy executive produces ‘The King’s Disease’, a project that neatly re-frames Nas’ discography as a mixture of the jazzy beats that fuelled ‘Illmatic’ and buoyant digital bounce. It’s a decision that makes a lot of sense, neatly evading the aesthetic pessimism of ‘Hip Hop Is Dead’, say, or the infamous (if enjoyable) Toto’s ‘Africa’ sample on ‘Nastradamus’.” The album displays NAS typical lyrical genius but also caters to the masses with some hot, fresh beats. The album is a breath of fresh air and one of the best of the year.

It isn’t as good as ‘Illmatic’ or ‘Stillmatic’ but it is better than ‘Life is good’ and ‘Hip Hop is Head’ and probably on par with ‘God’s Son.’

Nas isn’t one to jump into a lot of interviews, that’s why I was surprised to see him jump into an interview with HOT97 ‘With Ebro in the Morning.’ Snoop Dogg had told a story about NAS & Tupac coming close to a shootout with their various crews, NAS clarifies the story in this interview. He also goes into his relationship with Amy Winehouse where he describes her as an ‘angel.’

Nas speaks with Ebro in the morning on HOT97

On first listen I actually rated this album a 5/10. After many listens I have decided to push that up to an 8/10, I’m loving it. Worth pumping in your car for sure or at home trying to survive this crazy COVID-19 world we live in. Well played as usual Nas.

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