DMX working on new album

Released from the Gilmer Federal Correctional Institution in January 2019 after X served one year for tax evasion. AX was placed under supervision for three years and required to pay $2.3 million in restitution to the IRS.

“I’ll have a drink here and there. That was never a problem. That’s about it. Cocaine [was the problem]. I think we kinda knew that was the problem. Anybody in here that didn’t know? Of course it was problem. I got in trouble and all that shit. It’s not worth it. I spent too much time doing things. It’s just not worth it.”

Many have noticed that X has put on some weight. Which has the public pretty sure he is now, finally sorted out his drug problem.

Since his release he had a very successful VERZUZ battle with Snoop Dogg, now he is now working on his next album. In a post on Instagram on the 13th of August he states ‘Here comes the Boom… Album coming soon.’

Not bad either, when you have Alicia Keys doing her thing on the album is it…

It’s good 5 years since his last album ‘Redemption of the Beast’ in 2015, which managed to produce ONE decent track, ‘Built Like a Bitch.’ You could hear the drugs in his voice in this album, it’s actually a bit sad. Especially for a DMX fan like myself.

I cannot believe it was been 8 years since his release of ‘Undisputed.’ This is the first album where you could hear the decline in DMX as an artist and the drug battle in his voice. It actually managed to move me to tears, that graveled pain in his voice, the struggle. It did however, have some OK tracks… ‘Cold World’ & ‘Slippin Again.’

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