Action Bronson squares off with George Masvidal in UFC 4 promotional stream

EA Sports have just released their 4th UFC game ‘UFC 4.’ Part of their promotion was to get Bam Bam, Action Bronson to take on George ‘Gamebred’ Masvidal. Both men, both known for their charismatic personalities put on quite the performance as the playfully bounced off each other’s commentary. Would have been nice if whoever set it up had put on ‘Do not disturb’ to avoid seeing pop-ups during the bout to avoid seeing all the desperate people adding the event account.

Action Bronson is a self-proclaimed UFC fanatic and has mentioned this in many of his interviews.

“When I was a kid, my boy had the fucking cable box where you stole the cable, his father had it, he worked for Pepsi… He used to have the Pepsi Clear before everybody.. and we used to watch all the wrestling shit, everything that came on pay-per-view, so of coarse the UFC, all that stuff, all the crazy cage fighting, I love that shit, I have all the DVD’s at the apartment, I love that shit…”

Another notable person in the UFC 4 Live streaming tournament included Tyson Fury.

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