Rick Ross VERZUZ 2Chainz – The result?

Maybach music group founder Rick Ross was expected to absolutely destroy 2Chainz, formally known as Titi Boi. Most saying that Rick should of faced someone more comparable like Jeezy. Honestly, personally, I am a big 2Chainz fan… and not the biggest fan of Rick Ross.

200,000 viewers tuned in over Instagram with more watching over Apple Music as the enigmatic two rappers traded hits. Both rappers were smoking loud, 2 Chainz also downing 1800Tequila.

Rick Ross VERZUZ 2 Chainz

There wasn’t the warmth between the two modern superstars as opposed to the VERZUZ between DMX & Snoop Dogg. It was a cold affair with moments of passive-aggressiveness from both at times. Rick Ross not seeming in a talkative mood, 2 Chainz had to step up and almost host the event which he did aptly. A lot of ‘It’s all love’ statements thrown around, however with not much conviction. Both rappers notably had alot of collaborations with the same artists such as Drake, Lil wayne & Kanye West.

Ross had a number of surprises, most notably a lost verse from Kanye West’s 2016 track ‘Famous’ and a preview of his latest single “Pinned to the Cross.” 

2Chainz shows a competitive side to himself I have not seen before. Bugging out 2 Chainz lol.

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