Why didn’t Eminem and Nas Collaborate?

After learning that Eminem produced the Nas song ‘The Cross,’ I started wondering why they never did a collaboration together. Two of my top five of all time for sure. Imagine what they could of done together. Take a listen to ‘The Cross’… You can certainly tell that Eminem produced it!

Eminem Produced, Nas Performed – ‘The Cross’ from the album ‘God’s son’

Eminem has admitted time and time again that he is a Nas fan. Nas has returned the favor somewhat by saying Eminem’s return to the rap game after his hiatus back in the mid 2000’s was ‘One of the most exciting things hip-hop can look forward to. He contributes so much lyrically and musically, he’s amazing.’

Nas’s resurgence with the ‘Life Is Good‘ album was similar to the one Em made in the mid 2000’s. In fact, he asked Em to do a verse for his song ‘Daughters’ on the album…

“One of the only other rappers I thought about was AZ. And I wanted Eminem for a remix for “Daughters,” but he had already expressed that he’s spoken so much about his daughter throughout his career that he had done that subject too much. And me and Jay-Z talked about doing some things, but our schedules were so crazy.”

Nas’s ‘Daughters’ from ‘Life is Good’ Album

Humorously, Nas has referenced Em in his raps, in the diss song ‘Ether’ against Jay-Z he stated ‘And, Eminem murdered you on your own shit.’ Nas is talking about Jay-Z and Em’s song ‘Renegade.’ Jay-Z has openly admitted that Em had the better verse. See Em’s emotional, powerful verses in the performance on Letterman. Especially his last verse.

Eminem & Jay-Z perform ‘Renegade’ on Letterman, An absolute classic performance

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