Action Bronson’s releases single Latin Grammys

Action Bronson, bronsolino, has just released a new single yesterday by the name of ‘Latin Grammys.’

The video clip is comical, following bronson as his face is deepfaked.. superimposed.. onto a contestant at the world’s strongest man event of 1999.

The song itself is pretty tight also with an easy latin-jazz funk throwback beat. Action does what he does best, referencing american culture & sports. The chorus goes a little something like this… ‘I might not be able to touch my toes, but I’m still going to fuck these hoes.’ Certainly a return to form since his last released album last year ‘Lamb over rice.’

Action aka Bam Bam has been exercising pretty hard of late, taking to instagram with snippets of what looks like some pretty hearty workouts.

Action talking to EBRO in the Morning, Hot 97 about his recent single & fitness routine

He hasn’t stopped smashing that Hash he so loves however. Recently catching up with an icon and one of Action’s own heros, Mike Tyson.

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