Best Freestyles online

Are you like me? Do you find yourself going down a worm hole searching for the best freestyles on YOUTUBE?? I do it often, even typing about it now makes me want to do it, no, I must focus. All these hours of searching the net has let me to the following amazing freestyles that YOU need to know about…

The look on Tim Westwood’s face on this always makes me crack up!
Three of the greatest to ever do it right here
This freestyle is ridiculous, he just goes ON & ON & ON!
I love this, ‘off the street’ freestyle with SOX FEET
Go to 1:46 and watch DMX slay Jay Z with some brutal raps. The best part though is the security guard comes in and kills both of these rap legends LoL!
If you have never seen this cypher, see it. DMX, MOS DEF, Big Pun, HOLY SMOKES!
Dizzee Rascal is so talented, quick. He kills the 5 fingers.

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