My top 10 rap tracks of ALL TIME?

Scrolling down through my Spotify playlist ‘rap’ in which I have gathered pretty much every rap song I have ever even liked slightly. It is funny how with time you look back on some of these songs and you wonder, what was I thinking? I think my top 10 needs to be focused on what aged well, and what I have played hundreds & hundreds of times. Also, songs that provoke an emotional response in some way. So, here goes…

(Mind you I changed this many times, and it did my head in. Rap is so much more difficult as I feel rap songs aren’t usually built to last. Kind of like band aids you use to patch up a disappointment or celebrate something in your life)

  1. Ice CubeIt was a Good Day
Absolute classic, the one song I’ll always go back to, flows with perfection

2. DMXSlippin’

Beautiful, deep, thoughtful song

3. DefinitionBlackstar

A classic, Mos Def’s style is celebrated in this one

4. DJ DramaMeek Mill, 2 Chainz, Jeremih

I find this song to be very motivational, uplifting

5. EminemI’m back

Had to have an eminem song in there, difficult to pick which one though. Honorable mentions to What’s The Difference & Superman

6. ASAP ROCKY Pheonix

One modern rapper that really stands out to me, beautiful track, a masterpiece

7. Lil Peep & XXXTENTACIONFalling Down

XXXTentacion really took Peep’s song to another level

8. 2chainz- Birthday song

Bit of fun, bit silly, love 2chainz slinging rapping style

9. DrakeCrew Love

Great instrumentals here

10. Roots ManuvaLet the Spirit

Another quite thoughtful, dreamy track by the Englishman

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