ONEFOUR release ‘Home and Away’

‘Yeh I come from Mounty, That’s home of the brave.’ Yet again, the Australian Drill rappers are doing the rap/drill culture down here in Oz some serious favors by releasing another hard as hell track. I really do believe that these guys are a revelation to Australian Hip Hop, putting hip hop on the world stage. They haven’t even released an album yet have produced some really great quality, and some of the hardest rap/drill tracks ever such as Say It Again, Welcome to Prison and my favorite, In the Beginning.

Aussie Rap has slowly evolved and showed potential over the last couple decades, but never really cracked the US market. I always felt rappers like 360 & Kerser had potential to ‘make it’ in the US. They just couldn’t crack that market for some reason. Perhaps the stereotypical aussie rap voice itself had something to do with it. Rather unsavory in it’s twang.

For whatever reason, Drillers such as Hooligan Hefs, HQ BOYS & ONEFOUR have created a movement that will reach the masses overseas. Their gangster image & actual drama in their real life adds another layer to their music which makes you kind of ‘barrack’ for them. Interesting that these guys all have an islander/NZ background. Their voice is refreshing and giving something new to rap culture, a genuine hardness.

ONEFOUR – ‘Home and Away’

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