When I heard that this was happening, safe to say I was surprised. Snoop Dogg isn’t against jumping into such ventures(Such as Menulog), however DMX… Really?

DMX whether it be due to personal issues or dignity, doesn’t usually do this kind of thing. As I was typing that I just thought of DR PHIL.

DMX and Snoop battle it out

Going into this epic battle, despite being an absolute DMX fanboy, I thought Snoop would ‘take the cake’ due to his longevity. But DMX’s songs seem to have more depth & heart about them while Snoops are kind of fun, cool & mellowly gangster. I actually think my man DMX came out trumps on this one!

Some of the highlights for me:

  • Snoop and X coming late, in typical fashion
  • DMX’s prayer at the start was fantastic! Good enough to make anyone religious!
  • DMX when he advised the viewers that during ‘Hows It Goin Down’ he used to take off his shirt, but not anymore, because of the situation. Referring to the fact that he has put on a few pounds.
  • Snoop being completely blazed & drunk, his dancing was also entertaining
  • Snoop getting involved on DMX’s songs, wish DMX did the same with Snoop and Snoop wanted the same. Maybe X didn’t know the words to Snoop’s tracks?
  • Free-styling at the end

The night received 1.75 billion impressions across the internet, while also breaking Apple Music’s all-time livestream record with more than 600,000 concurrent viewers and a total of more than 1.4 million fans tuning in. All in all, a win for rap culture.

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