Eminem and Logic collab on ‘Homicide’

When this popped up as a release ‘I would be interested in’ on Spotify, my eyes lit up like the sun.   It does not disappoint!   The song has a humourous opening, fast rapping and is everything I was hoping for from this duo.   A track where Logic and Eminem are rapping their ass off.

Logic in his verse mocks critics who say his raps are repetitive and too fast.  He also has a crack at mumble rappers.   Eminem in his verse decides to attack Jay-Z for his ghost-wrting and mumble rappers again, which I am enjoying.   Eminem’s recent attacks on mumble rappers has basically turned his career around since the release of ‘Kamikaze.’

The outro to the song includes comedian Chris D’Elia doing another impersonation of Eminem.   Chris had done a few impersonations of Em throughout 2018 and Em even acknowledged how funny he thought they were.

Comedian Chris DÉlia loving the fact that Em and Logic put him on their track


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