DMX to star in movie

As we know DMX recently got out of the slammer. The rapper went to jail in January 2018 on a bail violation, previously he pleed guilty to tax evasion. In March 2018, the rap legend was sentenced to one year in prison for felony tax evasion.

Since his release DMX is looking well, has put on weight and has even landed a movie role! The last time DMX was on-screen was with Dr. Phil, hardly a ‘star role.’

DMX has signed to star in ‘Chronicle of a Serial Killer’ with Tara Reid and Brenden Sexton. The film documents the twisted life of Henry Brolin a serial killer who targets women he believes may turn out to be like his mother. DMX, suprisingly, will be portraying ‘Detective White,’ not the serial killer. No offense DMX but I do think you would be an awesome serial killer.

DMX is currently touring doing his 20th anniversary tour of ‘It’s dark and hell is hot’

DMX is currently touring accross the U.S doing a tour to celebrate the 20th year anniversary of ‘It’s dark and hell is hot.’ For more information go to:


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